Reuth TLV Rehabilitation Hospital is a university public hospital, affiliated fully with the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at the Tel Aviv University, and owned by the Reuth Foundation which is one of the most veteran foundations in Israel. The hospital provides services in the field of rehabilitation and geriatrics and is the largest of its type in Israel. The Director of the hospital is Dr. Orit Stein Reisner.

The hospital has 12 departments in which there are 356 hospital beds and a range of clinics and institutes. The unique combination of the fields of rehabilitation and geriatrics at the hospital enables complete treatment under one roof for the most complex and serious patients (including ventilated patients, patients requiring dialysis and more). The hospital has an arrangement with all the HMOs, National Insurance, the IDF and the Rehabilitation Division of the Ministry of Defence and the insurance companies. The hospital is not supported by the State, and finances its activity from the HMO payments and from other insurers and finances its development only from donations.

The hospital’s vision

 The activity of the hospital is based on three main foundations: 1. Putting the patient and his family in the center while recognizing that the hospital staff treats the individual and not only the disease. A multi-professional and interdisciplinary holistic approach is mandatory when contending with the complex situations in which the patients find themselves and the ramifications derived from such on its proximate environment; 2. Professional excellence (the quality of the treatment and the service, staff development, academic teaching, research and development, a combination of advanced technologies);  3. Financial stability

Pursuant to the hospital’s vision: “The Reuth Medical Center is a leading rehabilitation center based on love of mankind and professional excellence. The center’s staff is committed to excellent and devoted treatment of the patient and his family, to initiative and innovation, to research and academic teaching and to collaborating with the medical and welfare services in the community.”

The foundation of the hospital

The Reuth TLV Rehabilitation Hospital was founded in 1961 in the Yad Eliyahu neighborhood in Tel Aviv, by the Reuth Foundation which was known at that time as the “Women’s Social Service”. The hospital, was called at its outset the “Lichtenstadt Sanatorium”, and had at that time 44 beds. It was designed to treat chronic and invalid nursing patients, most of them elderly and Holocaust survivors, and was the only one of its type in Israel. With the increasing demand for its essential services, the hospital expanded and developed its services gradually and continually. At present it offers some 356 hospital beds in the fields of rehabilitation and geriatrics.

The rehabilitation approach as a global medical vision

Rehabilitation services are at the very core of the Reuth TLV Rehabilitation Hospital and have become well known as a result of their excellent quality. The principal approach of all the medical services at Reuth, the admissions and the treatments in the clinics, focus on implementation of the rehabilitation potential of the patients and his return to optimal functioning in all fields: physical, social, emotional and employment. The medical staff does not suffice with advancement of medical indices for normal values as far as possible. The medical indices of this type have a limited value if the patient is not functioning and has an inferior self value.  Each patient has a “customized” individual treatment program pursuant to his medical condition and needs using a holistic vision that involves the entire treatment team together with the patient. The medical process is led by rehabilitation physicians, geriatric physicians, specialists in pain alleviation and therapists in the field of: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, rehabilitative psychology, nutrition and diet, occupational treatment, horticultural therapy, art therapy, dance and drama therapy, complementary medicine and more. This approach has proven itself at Reuth in respiratory rehabilitation processes, treatment for prolonged pain and eating disorders, and it leads in empowerment of the patients and medical success.

Combination of advanced technologies and innovation in the rehabilitation process

 A combination of advanced technologies has a great value in rehabilitation treatment. Treatment with technologies alongside individual “hands on” work of the therapist from the health professions helps in connecting the patient and increasing his motivation for treatment.

The Reuth Research and Development Institute and the hospital staff are partners in development of technological innovation together with leading Israeli technology companies. This enables an extensive and early integration of the advanced technologies in the treatment process for the hospital patients (hospitalized and ambulatory).

Hospitalization services in the hospital

 The admitted patients reach the hospital after life-saving acute treatment in a general hospital (intensive care, neurology, orthopaedic and internal medicine wards).

General rehabilitation division:

Respiratory and prolonged ventilation rehabilitation division

Geriatric division

Geriatric rehabilitation wards

Complex invalid nursing wards

Paediatric wards

Clinic and institute services:

Rehabilitation ambulatory services

Pain institute

Treatment for eating disorders institute

Sexual treatment and rehabilitation clinic

Rehabilitation complementary medicine clinic

Academic and research activity

As a university center, the hospital is engaged in academic training and teaching for hundreds of medical students each year in the health professions and is recognized for internships in rehabilitation medicine, geriatrics and specialism in pain alleviation (Reuth is the first and only rehabilitation hospital in Israel recognized in specialism in d pain alleviation). The hospital, which places great emphasis on professional excellence, has a research and development institute, is a leader in tens of medical studies and works in collaboration with institutes for research and higher learning in Israel and worldwide and promotes innovation with start up and technology companies.

Accompaniment and medical sponsorship of the Paralympic swimming team

For three years, the Reuth Tel Aviv Rehabilitation Hospital provided medical sponsorship to Israel’s Paralympic Swimming Team. In this framework, treatment, advice, accompaniment and support were  given to sportsmen and women in preparation for international competitions and championships that culminated in the Tokyo Olympics. The hospital is proud of the privilege of accompanying the team that broke world records in Tokyo.

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