Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital Tel Aviv is a university rehabilitation hospital which offers top quality and dedicated treatment to many thousands of patients, for those injured in accidents or terror attacks, IDF casualties, children and babies and others requiring rehabilitation.

The hospital also treats prolonged illnesses and is one of the largest and a leader of its type in Israel.


The Friends of the Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital Circle works to promote the hospital and is responsible for the promotion of development programs and for obtaining financing sources for unique ventures.


Management of the Friends of the Hospital Circle:


Adv. Zvi Firon, Chairman of the Circle


Adv. Oreni Isaacson


Mr4 Ariel Kapon


Mr Yossi Singer


Mr Yaron London


Mr Moshe Yeshayahu


Dr Oded Eran


Ms Karin Ori


Adv. Ronny Milo


Adv. Dan Lahat


Adv. Ronit Siton Zelkind


Ms Ronit Sheidman


Ms Shirley Ben Mordechai


Ms Tami Haimovsky, Member of the Governing Council, Reuth Foundation



For additional details please contact:

Ms Kelly Avidan: 073-2701960

Email: [email protected]


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