The Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital Tel Aviv operates some 90 volunteers who contribute their time and skills to the patients. The volunteers indeed assist the staff with their daily work however their work has a much wider significance: they create warm relationships with the patients, diminish their loneliness and enrich their emotional and social world.


The hospital’s volunteers work in a wide range of fields according to their preferences and their abilities. The scope of the activity is personally customized for each volunteer and it could fluctuate between two hours a day and up to six full working days a week.


The volunteers at Reut are part of the personnel and receive a hug and much admiration for their voluntary work in the hospital which is expressed by giving a gift at festivals, in enrichment lectures, in trips and participation in social activities with the employees. Furthermore, the volunteers who volunteer for 3 hours and more receive lunch free of charge in the hospital staff dining room.


Specific volunteering frameworks


National Service: the work includes nursing assistance, accompanying patients to off-site treatments, medical examinations, trips and entertainment shows, execution of delivery services, operation of the movie club, assistance to the physiotherapy and occupational therapy units, operation of patients in games and social activities and more.


Overseas in Israel: the hospital recruits volunteers from all over the world who come for periods of up to one year, the majority of them after they have heard from their friends who have volunteered in Reuth about the great experience and received recommendations to come and volunteer at the hospital. The volunteers integrate in the ongoing work of the hospital, help with mobilizing patients who are confined to wheelchairs to the hospitalization wards and the various treatment areas, help in serving food, operating the social club and together with this they create personal, warm and good relationships with the patients, their families and the treating staff.


The hospital provides the volunteers from overseas with sleeping accommodation in the residential area of the hospital and basic food and drink expenses. For the hospital the volunteers become an integral part of the ongoing work and they participate with the hospital staff in special events to celebrate festivals and public holidays that are held in the hospital.


The volunteers integrate socially with the Israeli volunteers and become our good ambassadors in their countries of origin. There are volunteers who return to us every year.


Personal commitment: high school students volunteer at the hospital within the framework of the personal commitment project. The students integrate mainly in adoption programs and create friendly relationships with the patients.


Students and employees from various workplaces come to volunteer at the hospital within the framework of development of relationships with the community, social adoption of patients and assistance with the hospitalization wards.


Special volunteering programs


  • Volunteering enterprise of first class musicians in Israel and worldwide under the initiative of Yoni Farhi – pianist and conductor who serves as the Deputy Musical Director of the Haifa Symphony Orchestra. The musicians hold a monthly concert which is designed for patients and their families.
  • Social volunteering activity by the central district of Bank Discount during festivals.
  • Mentoring for high school students from the United States, who come to the hospital every summer for an intensive three-week volunteering period


Contact details


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