Volunteering at Reuth is a chance to make a difference and give back to society. Volunteers lighten the staff’s workload by performing various tasks around the hospital, such as transporting wheelchair-using patients between departments, distributing food, and more. They also build meaningful relationships with patients to ease their loneliness and enrich their worlds during hospitalization. The flexibility of the volunteering program enables individuals with varying schedules, preferences, and abilities to contribute their time and skills to a good cause. Reuth’s volunteers are appreciated and valued members of a tight-knit team.

How can you help?

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We also welcome volunteers in the following professional fields:

International volunteers

Individuals from all over the world come to volunteer at Reuth for a period of up to a year. Many come back multiple times thanks to the meaningful and empowering experiences they have at Reuth.  The hospital provides international volunteers with accommodations. They are an integral part of the hospital and participate in all employee and hospital-wide events. Upon returning to their home countries, they become some of Reuth’s strongest ambassadors.  

Students, organizations and companies

Reuth also welcomes volunteers from private companies, nonprofit organizations, high schools, and universities. This is an opportunity for the hospital to strengthen its relationship with the wider Israeli community.

These volunteers facilitate much of the hospital’s social programming for patients including celebrations of Jewish holidays, musical performances for memorial days, stimulating classes and lectures, and more. 


Among the organizations:


Contact details

Maya Fichman – Volunteer coordinator

Tel: 03-6383609

Email: [email protected]

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