Reuth s summer internships

“Working at Reuth is a significant experience for me as I spend this summer in Israel.” “Reuth treats all of her patients without any difference, and the medical staff has a common goal of providing quality treatment.” These are some of the reactions we heard today from our young interns from the USA at the Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital in Tel Aviv.  They came to Reuth mostly through the Onward Israel’s programs, which provide opportunities for short summer internships for American University students, in this case in a variety of health professions such as Nurses, Medical Assistants, Nutritionists and Doctors. They chose Reuth as the leading hospital in its field in order to take their  first steps in their own careers. We are very proud that they chose Reuth for their summer internships, and we were pleased to hear that we are contributing to strengthening the bonds of friendship with the State of Israel.