The Reuth TLV Rehabilitation Hospital, the largest hospital of its type in Israel, offers advanced services (in-patient rehabilitation, ambulatory treatment and remote consultation (Zoom))  also for those who are not Israeli citizens and this within the framework of medical tourism. The services are provided by a team of the hospital’s multi-professional experts and include use of advanced technologies.

Referral for receipt of the services within the framework of medical tourism is carried out individually for by means of an agent.


 A patient who comes to the hospital within the framework of medical tourism is entitled to receive all the services provided there – pain clinic services, the sexual rehabilitation and treatment clinic, the psychological rehabilitation division, the nutrition and dietary unit, the institute for treatment of eating disorders, speech therapy clinics and the occupational therapy clinic.


 The treatment program, customized personally for the needs of the patient, is an intensive program which makes use of advanced technologies and includes complementary medical treatments without additional charge.

During hospitalization several update meetings are conducted and the continuation of the treatment program is determined with a physician and with the treating staff and if necessary consultation meetings for adaptation of orthopaedic devices/auxiliary devices by an expert in the field, and without additional charge. 

In preparation for discharge the patient and those accompanying him receive a full briefing from the nursing staff and paramedical staff as to how to continue the treatment at home. On his discharge the patient receives a medical summary and recommendations for continue treatment in English/Russian, and if possible in the patient’s language.


 The patient and those accompanying him receive personal support on behalf of the Medical Tourism Department. The service is provided in Hebrew, English, Arabic, French and Russian.


  • For in-patient treatment you may receive a private room for a supplementary charge.
  • For the comfort of the patients and those accompanying them for ambulatory care well equipped hospitality rooms are available within the hospital (2 guest per room, 3 meals a day) for a supplementary charge.

For further details please contact the Medical Tourism Clinic on Tel:

03-6893754, 050-2177009.

By email:  [email protected]


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