“It’s great to be back on my feet”

Maoz Porat who recovered from COVID-19 came to Reuth in a wheelchair and was released following successful rehabilitation

Coming down with severe COVID-19 about six months ago, Maoz Porat from Bnei Brak was anaesthetized and ventilated for two weeks in Intensive Care at the Sharon Hospital in Petah Tikva.

When his condition improved, he was weaned from the respirator. Having recovered from the virus, but still in a wheelchair, he came to Reuth for rehabilitation.

Maoz Porat: “It’s great to be back on my feet. Thanks to Reuth’s wonderful care and professional treatment I am walking out of the hospital without any walking aids.”

Prof. Rafi Heruti, Head of the Rehabilitation Division: “Prolonged respiration and anesthesia are very exhausting for the body’s systems. Maoz’s muscles were weak and he could barely walk. Rehabilitation focused on strengthening his respiratory system, cardiopulmonary endurance and musculoskeletal system, restoring his full functions in every respect.”


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