News in the Field of Rehabilitation: A Plan to Establish the Largest Rehabilitation Facility in Israel is Underway

The Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo approved the plan to construct a new campus for the Reuth TLV Rehabilitation Hospital in the northwest of the city.

The new hospital will be the largest and most advanced rehabilitation facility in Israel. It will play a critical part in addressing the country’s growing rehabilitation needs, especially in light of the ongoing war in which thousands of Israelis have been injured thus far, hundreds of whom will require ongoing rehabilitation.

The project, which is estimated to be completed in 7 years, will also consolidate Tel Aviv’s position as a leader in the provision of medical services in Israel.

The agreement was signed by the Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo and the Chairman of the Tel Aviv Foundation, Ron Huldai; the Municipality’s Director General, Menachem Leiba; CEO of the Tel Aviv Foundation, Dr. Hila Oren; the Head of the Municipality’s Property Division, Eli Levy; Chairman of Reuth, Ami Arica; CEO of Reuth, Ido Sharir; Director of the Reuth TLV Rehabilitation Hospital, Dr. Orit Stein Reisner; and CFO of Reuth, Amnon Keren.

From left to right: Ido Sharir, Ron Huldai, Dr. Orit Stein Reisne, Ami Arica (Photo:Rafi Delouya)

The Reuth TLV Rehabilitation Hospital will relocate from its current location in Yad Eliyahu to the site of the former Sde Dov Airport. The Yad Eliyahu neighborhood will undergo a process of urban development, integrating the construction of new public buildings to better the lives of the residents.

The new hospital campus will be built in partnership with the Tel Aviv Foundation. It will measure 3.9 acres and include a built-up area of 60,000m2, 12 inpatient departments, and 450 beds (an increase from the current 356 beds). In addition, the hospital will include an array of outpatient clinics and institutes, a hydrotherapy pool, an imaging institute, an incubator for research and development, a hyperbaric chamber, operating rooms, and more. The campus will also feature green spaces and commercial areas for the benefit of the patients and their visiting loved ones.

The project is budgeted at NIS 850 million ($232 million). Fundraising is underway, with the municipality contributing NIS 200 million and the government NIS 250 million. The rest will be raised from corporate and private donors.

The new hospital is being designed by Yeski Mor Sion Architects. The planning prioritizes an optimal use of space and infrastructural accommodations for future growth. The design considers a wide range of needs – comfortable hospital rooms tailored to bedridden patients and patients undergoing rehabilitation; facilities for medical staff, interns, and students; treatment rooms; an auditorium; recreational spaces; spacious waiting rooms for the families; protected spaces; a synagogue; and more. The new campus will be a “green” facility that saves energy and operating costs. The hospital building will make use of natural light, have a pneumatic waste management system, a green inner patio, green roofs, and feature other environmentally sound practices. Adjacent to the hospital will be a community housing building for older adults eligible for housing assistance.

With over 60 years of experience, Reuth TLV has a reputation for excellence and professionalism. It is an independent hospital owned by the Reuth Nonprofit Association. As one of the largest rehabilitation hospitals in the country, it has 356 inpatient beds (spread across general, geriatric, and respiratory rehabilitation divisions) and a wide variety of outpatient clinics and institutes, including Israel’s largest day rehabilitation center. Among the hospital’s multidisciplinary staff are rehabilitation physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists, nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals.


simulations: Yeski Mor Sion Architects

Reuth TLV is affiliated with the Tel Aviv University School of Medicine and is recognized for residency in physical rehabilitation, pain management, and geriatrics. It also provides practical training to students of medicine, nursing, and other health professions.  The hospital’s Research and Development Institute partners with institutions of higher learning and technology companies.

Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo and Chairman of the Tel Aviv Foundation, Mr. Ron Huldai: “Strengthening the field of rehabilitation will be a major challenge for Israel in the coming years due to, among other factors, the many soldiers and civilians who received physical and psychological injuries on October 7th and in the Israel-Hamas war. The Reuth Association and the Reuth TLV Rehabilitation Hospital have an important role to play in these efforts. Within the framework of city planning, we have earmarked a plot of land on which a new and larger campus for the hospital will be built in the coming years — a campus that will allow Reuth to expand and modernize its activities for the 21st century.”

Ron Huldai (Photo: Rafi Delouya)

CEO of the Tel Aviv Foundation, Dr. Hila Oren: “Reuth TLV is synonymous with excellence, quality, and responsibility in the field of rehabilitation. The Tel Aviv Foundation is proud to partner in the establishment of its new and advanced campus, which will provide services for patients from all over the country. The opportunity to take part in urban development on the Sde Dov site (which includes many public spaces) is urbanism at its best and is wholly aligned with the foundation’s values.”

From left to right: Dr. Orit Stein Reisner, Dr. Hila Oren  (Photo: Rafi Delouya)

CEO of Reuth, Mr. Ido Sharir: “Reuth’s decades-long partnership with the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality is bearing fruit in the creation of one of the most advanced rehabilitation hospitals in Israel. Patients and underprivileged seniors will gain access to the best hospitalization and housing standards.”

Director of the Reuth TLV Rehabilitation Hospital, Dr. Orit Stein Reisner: “The new hospital is planned to respond to the growing rehabilitation needs in Israel. This flagship project will allow us to provide advanced services for patients’ welfare, and further improve our professionalism.”

Chairman of the Board of Reuth, Mr. Ami Arica: “Reuth is a unique association that, for 87 years, has been working for the benefit of Israel’s vulnerable populations – the sick, the elderly, and the underprivileged. We are excited by the changes we are experiencing and invite new partners to take part in this important, national project.”




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