Reuth TLV Rehabilitation Hospital said an emotional goodbye to the hero of Kibbutz Alumim’s emergency squad

The staff or Reuth TLV’s rehabilitation department, together with the director of the hospital, Dr. Orit Stein Reisner, said goodbye to Eyal Jung – the most seriously injured member of Kibbutz Alumim’s emergency squad. On October 7, Eyal fought terrorists who infiltrated the kibbutz. He was shot in the upper body and was hospitalized in Reuth Tel Aviv’s rehabilitation department for about a month and a half.

Upon his discharge, Eyal thanked the hospital staff: “Each of the staff members contributed so much and I feel such improvement in my mobility”.

The director of the hospital said: “It is so nice to see you smile. So many will talk about your heroism. You gave us the opportunity to take part in your personal healing journey as well as that of the entire nation. We continue to hope for quiet, security, and the safe return of all soldiers and hostages”.


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