The 2021 Landau Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Professor Avi Ohry of the Reuth Tel Aviv Rehabilitation Hospital

Prof. Avi Ohry, a senior physician in the rehabilitation division of the Reuth Tel Aviv Rehabilitation Hosptial was awarded the 2021 Landau Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the field of rehabilitation medicine, both as a researcher and a practitioner. The Landau Mifal Hapais Arts and Science Award is one of Israel’s most prestigious awards.

Throughout his 22 years at the Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital, Prof. Ohry greatly contributed to the development of rehabilitation medicine at the hospital and in Israel as a whole. His theoretical, practical, and social contributions have made him one of the most renowned professionals in the field of rehabilitation in Israel and the world. His work spans decades of research and treatment of individuals with severe neurological and orthopedic injuries, among whom are many IDF soldiers and victims of traffic and work accidents. Prof. Ohry’s own experience as a captive during the Yom Kippur War informs his research and treatment of released captives and combat soldiers. His substantial contribution to society is also reflected in the field of extreme sports for people with disabilities, which he promoted on the national and international levels. In short, Prof. Ohry is a role model who possesses the rare combination of qualities that make him excel in his roles of researcher, practitioner, and advocate for rehabilitation medicine.

 The director of the Reuth Tel Aviv Rehabilitation Hosptial, Dr. Orit Stein Reisner, congratulated Prof. Ohry on his achievement, “Prof. Ohry is a pillar of rehabilitation medicine at Reuth in particular and in Israel in general. Nobody deserves this award more than him. On behalf of our entire team, we wish him many more years of meaningful contributions to Israel’s healthcare system and society at large.”


photo: Yael Ilan

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