The Reuth Tel Aviv Rehabilitation Hospital has opened a new affiliate clinic in Ramat Gan

The Reuth Tel Aviv Rehabilitation Hospital is expanding! We have opened a new affiliate clinic in Ramat Gan, which will provide advanced day hospitalization services in the city. Two years ago, we have already opened one such clinic in Kiryat Gat. The two clinics operate in collaboration with the Geriatrics Division of the Ministry of Health and JDC-ESHEL.

The new clinic will make advanced rehabilitation services highly available in the city. It will be led by Dr. Anatoly Livshits – a specialist in rehabilitation and pain medicine – as well as other experts from Reuth.

In 2020, Reuth accounted for almost 30% of all days of hospitalization at day rehab hospitals in Israel, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.

The director of the Reuth Tel Aviv Rehabilitation Hospital, Dr. Orit Stein Reisner, commented on the establishment of the clinic “Reuth is proud to be a leader in addressing the shortage of rehabilitation services in Israel. Our clinics offer services to populations in need of geriatric rehabilitation, general rehabilitation, and the rehabilitation of function following prolonged illnesses, car accidents, strokes, chronic pain, and more. In the future, the clinics will expand to offer additional services, including complementary medicine.”

Yossi Heiman, the CEO of JDC-ESHEL said “Data shows that only a small fraction of the elderly in need of rehabilitation in Israel receive appropriate and satisfactory care, which is in part due to a lack of service availability. This can lead to the deterioration of their health, increased dependence, and re-hospitalization, which is costly for both the individual and the state. Our cooperation with Reuth is intended to provide a solution to these problems. This clinic joins six other centers that we have established in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, which constitute an addition of about 30% to the rehabilitation services available in Israel.”


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