“This is a war for our home”

Yuval Eretz Zvi, 27, an occupational therapist at Reuth TLV Rehabilitation Hospital, serves as an operations officer in an IDF reconnaissance reserve unit. On the morning of October 7th, Yuval awoke, together with the entire Israeli population, to the harrowing news of what was taking place in the south.

“My husband and I were called up for reserve duty at 10AM. We had been staying with my parents who, having heard the news, woke us up early. Despite keeping the Sabbath, we immediately turned on our phones because we knew we’d be called up. Those were moments of uncertainty and a lot of questions, but there was no doubt in our minds, we knew it was necessary; we put on our uniforms.

“I was discharged from mandatory military service five years ago, and since I have served in the reserves securing borders, training, and participating in military exercises. But this time was different. This is a war over our home. My husband and I have received a lot of support from our family. My brothers are also drafted now.

“The ‘reserves’ is a crazy melting pot of Israeli society, and only there can one witness the total dedication of our people and it’s very touching. Feeling strong and committed, we managed to maintain high morale.

“As rehabilitation occupational therapists, we will encounter difficult cases of wounded in need of rehabilitation at our hospital. I am certain that we will be able to contribute significantly to improving their functionality, as well as to their overall health and quality of life. I sense the magnitude of the moment and am aware of the professional mission at hand, of taking part in the rehabilitation of our people, in many different ways”.

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