22/04/2024, Yediot Ahronot Passover Supplement:”A Ballad of a Medic and a Doctor”

Moshe Weizman, a medic and ambulance driver at United Hatzalah, was among the first to arrive on the scene of the October 7 attack. He helped the wounded until he, himself was injured by rocket shrapnel. Among those he saved is Dr. Tareq Abu Arar who was shot by Hamas terrorists.

Half a year later, the medic and the doctor reunited at the Reuth Tel Aviv Rehabilitation Hospital.

Moshe Weizman says, “I still have shrapnel in my right knee and shoulder. I have 50% hearing loss. I was transferred to the Reuth Tel Aviv Rehabilitation Hospital on February 1 and receive great care here – physiotherapy, occupational therapy, a rehabilitation gym, and psychological support. Right now, I can’t feel or move my toes but I set a goal for myself – to learn to walk.”

Dr. Orit Stein Reisner, director of the Reuth Tel Aviv Rehabilitation Hospital speaks about the importance of rehabilitation, “Of the thousands of war wounded, many will require prolonged physical and mental rehabilitation in order to regain independence and quality of life. To our delight, Moshe is incredibly motivated and is fully engaged in the rehabilitation process, which is so important for the treatment’s success.”


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