24/05/2024, THE JERUSALEM POST: “It’s time to focus on rehabilitating those wounded in Israel-Hamas war – opinion”

Ido Sharir, CEO of Reuth Association, will participate in the Jerusalem Post conference in New York on June 3.

In a personal opinion column in the Jerusalem Post, Sharir addressed the issue of rehabilitation medicine in Israel in the shadow of the war.

“Since October 7, ‘rehabilitation’ has become a new buzzword. In the difficult and unfortunate circumstances of war, everyone in the world of medicine is talking about the importance of rehabilitation and its contribution to improving the physical and emotional functioning of the individual…

“For years, rehabilitation medicine was, unjustifiably, relegated to the minor leagues of the medical world, even though the field is critical to a person’s health, especially during a crisis. It is a window of opportunity to return to functional independence in all aspects of life: employment, family, leisure, relationship, community, and more”.

In the column, Sharir also refers to the new rehabilitation campus of Reuth Hospital, which is expected to be the largest rehabilitation campus in Israel, “We now embark on a project of national importance to establish a new campus for the Reuth Tel Aviv Rehabilitation Hospital, which currently operates in old infrastructure that is struggling to accommodate its existing activity and cannot address the challenges of the future. The future rehabilitation campus, which will be the largest in Israel, will respond to the country’s growing rehabilitation needs, especially in light of the war and the thousands of victims who need prolonged rehabilitation”.

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