In a first for hospitals in Israel, a specialized park to improve motor and cognitive function was established at Reuth TLV

A new exercise complex was established in Reuth TLV ‘s entrance plaza, specially designed to improve the physical function of hospitalized patients.

It is the first park of its kind to be established at a hospital in Israel. It includes 17 facilities for improving motor and cognitive function – walking, posture, spatial orientation, concentration, creative thinking, and more.

The “Rehabilitation Plus” park was established thanks to the generous support of Bank Leumi. It will allow patients to perform rehabilitation exercises during their free time, without the need for professional accompaniment. It will also serve as a social meeting place.

The park’s design and construction was closely supervised by the hospital’s physical and occupational therapy teams. They adapted the facilities to best suit the common medical conditions faced by our patients. The park was established by the AtarGil3 Company.

Among the park’s facilities are maze games, tai chi wheels, varied terrain paths, and more. There are informational signs that explain how to properly use each facility as well as which muscle groups and functions it targets.



The director of the hospital, Dr. Orit Stein Reisner, said during the opening ceremony: “We are constantly looking for new ways to challenge our patients, improve their treatment process, and enable them to regain their independence. The new park is conveniently located in the hospital’s entrance plaza and is accessible for patients of all ages and different conditions, including wheelchair users. We want to extend a special thank you to Bank Leumi for making this project possible and for greatly improving the wellbeing of our hospitalized patients.”

Liat Zettler, head of the organizational development and learning department at Bank Leumi said: “As part of Leumi’s commitment to the wellbeing of older adults, we chose to support the establishment of a rehabilitation park at the Reuth TLV Rehabilitation Hospital. We are thrilled that this special collaboration will contribute to improving the rehabilitation of Reuth TLV’s patients, enabling them to return to independent function as quickly as possible.”




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