Prof. Nachman Ash, the Director of the Ministry of Health, visited Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital

On February 1, Prof. Nachman Ash, the director of Israel’s Ministry of Health, visited the Reuth Tel Aviv Rehabilitation Hospital. He was accompanied by Dr. Yaron Sachar, head of the rehabilitation division at the Ministry of Health; Dr. Noa Triki, chief of staff to the director of the Ministry of Health; Dr. Ran Schweid, district geriatrician; and Dr. Ariel Yakim, director of the geriatrics division at the Ministry of Health.

The director of the Reuth Tel Aviv Rehabilitation Hospital, Dr. Orit Stein Reisner, introduced the visitors to the hospital’s extensive activities and highlighted the administrative and financial challenges that it has been facing since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The chairman and CEO of the Reuth nonprofit organization, Ami Arica and Ido Sharir, also joined the tour.

At the hospital, Prof. Ash visited the general rehabilitation department, the pediatric intensive care unit, the techno-therapy hall, and the respiratory rehabilitation department. He was impressed by what he saw, spoke to the hospitalized patients, and reiterated the importance of the work carried out at Reuth.

Prof. Ash said, “For many years, Reuth maintained its good reputation of a medical institution that provides excellent care to young soldiers and takes on very complex medical cases. The budgetary difficulties facing independent hospitals are well known and there is no doubt that a solution must be found, especially in light of the growing need for rehabilitative treatment in the State of Israel. We must scale up the training of medical professionals in Israel and Reuth will play a significant role in these efforts. I am excited to be here. Thank you for the sacred work that you do and the high quality of care that you provide. Keep up the great work!”.

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