Reuth WizeCare is a new service offered by the Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital Tel Aviv and WizeCare in the field of remote rehabilitation, which offers customized physiotherapy exercising, from anywhere and at any time – by means of a computer, mobile phone or tablet.


The service includes an assessment and consultation session with an expert physiotherapist at the hospital or in the patient’s home, development of a treatment program, instruction in the use of the system, support and professional control.


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For who is the treatment designed?


Patients suffering from a range of orthopaedic and neurological problems, sports injuries (sprains, fractures, tears), back pain, knee pain and joint pain


Treatment tracks:


Individual treatment: Exercising without the need to leave the home by means of friendly software on the computer, the mobile phone or tablet. The treatment program is customized, where required, pursuant to the rate of progress and pursuant to the professional opinion of the expert physiotherapist.


Group treatment: Exercising in hospital in the Rehabilitation by Advanced Technologies Institute, under the supervision and support of a physiotherapist in a small and intimate group.


The advantages of the treatment:


  • Accessible and available treatment at home or anywhere that you choose without waiting in line
  • A personal program customized for the patient’s condition and his level of functioning
  • Control, regular follow up and professional support of a physiotherapist after implementation of the treatment program and the rate of progress.

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