“The Blooper of My Life”

It has been two years since Shilon tripped and fell in his home, causing a severe head injury that left him paralyzed. After a long stay in an acute hospital, Shilon was moved to the Reuth Tel Aviv Rehabilitation Hospital where he began his rehabilitation journey.

Recently, Channel 12 (Keshet 12) screened The Blooper of My Life – a movie created by Yigal Shilon and Erez Tal in which Shilon speaks about his medical condition and the reality of his new life publicly for the first time.

The movie documents Shilon’s rehabilitation at Reuth, during which he had to relearn to perform basic functions. He speaks of the amazing staff who accompanied him and shares both pleasant and difficult memories from the rehabilitation process. At one point in the movie, Shilon says, “It may sound funny but I miss the days of rehabilitation at Reuth because I met really wonderful people there and a great team”.


photo: The Blooper of My Life, Keshet 12

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