“The improvement is incredible”

Ben Rachmani was involved in a  multi car accident that resulted in a hip dislocation, pelvic fracture, broken ribs and torn spleen.

After a two-week hospitalization that included surgery to fix the hip joint, he began a rehabilitation process at Reuth.

Ben: “Hi, I am Ben Rachmani from Tel Aviv. I’m a vegan chef and a musician at heart, owner of  a vegan restaurant and father of a terrific two-year-old named June.

“In April I was involved in a multi-car accident on Route 4. My daughter and I were on our way home from visiting relatives, when all of a sudden I saw I was about to collide with the vehicle ahead. To protect my child who was in the backseat, I braked very hard. My right leg locked, absorbing the entire impact. The damage? A dislocated hip joint, a fractured pelvis, broken ribs, and a ruptured spleen. I was hospitalized for almost two weeks, undergoing surgery to fixate the hip joint. Recovery was far from simple. Everything was ready for home rehab at my parents’ home in Yavne, but at the last moment I was notified that there was a place for me at Reuth. 

“The team at Reuth’s rehabilitation ward is very professional. I’ve been here for about two months, and the improvement is incredible.

“When I began rehabilitation the thought of walking again seemed very far away, but I am progressing rapidly. Now I am waiting for permission to put weight on my leg, so I can start my walking rehabilitation. For the past two months I’ve been using a wheelchair, and that’s hard. I am used to meeting friends, going out, and especially being independent.

“Still, this is a good time for reflection, for looking inwards.

“When I started rehabilitation, I decided that I would cooperate fully and maintain my good spirits. I am constantly involved in the process, asking any question that comes to mind, about the implications of each treatment, because I want to know what lies ahead. In fact, this is my advice to every person undergoing a medical or rehabilitation process: take ownership of your treatment.

“The accident caught me a moment before the reopening of my restaurant, which had been closed during the corona pandemic. It forced me to take a pause in my life. My message to all of you: Be super careful when you’re on the road! Wear a seatbelt, make sure that the kids in the backseat are also safely buckled in, and keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.

“I wish you good tidings”,


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