The liberated warrior set out on a long journey to save his leg

Yosef Levy, 22, a Kfir fighter in the Eternal Judea unit, went on a post-army trip to South America six months ago and was seriously injured in a car accident in Nicaragua. Unfortunately, his health insurance ended a few days before the accident and he fought to return to Israel and embark on a journey to save the leg and rehabilitate it.

After undergoing eight surgeries that saved his leg he was transferred to Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital when he could not get out of bed and go to the bathroom on his own. Gradually Joseph learned to manage with a wheelchair and later to step on the foot and walk with the help of crutches, from which he hopes to be released soon.

In an interview with the Ynet website (23.12.22), Yosef spoke about rehabilitation in Reuth: “I underwent physical and mental rehabilitation in Reuth with the help of the excellent staff. I got there when I could not get out of bed and go to the bathroom on my own, and gradually learned to walk with a wheelchair, and then step on my foot and walk with crutches. Later I will learn to walk even without them”

The article also interviewed Prof. Rafi Heruti, director of the Rehabilitation Division at Reuth Hospital, who expanded on Yosef’s rehabilitation:

“The rehabilitation suit tailored to Joseph’s measurements included a time curve that, to our delight, was significantly shortened. What helped the rapid procedure was his high motivation to recover, his optimistic thinking and full confidence in rehabilitation”.


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